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Hifi Knights sur l'intégré hybride TRILOGY 925

"Trilogy 925 is the best integrated amplifier known to me, period"

Trilogy 925 is the best integrated amplifier known to me, period. As a package, this deck is remarkable; it sounds terrific and is exceptionally well-made. Craftsmanship of calibre this heavy is very rarely seen in audio. Nic Poulson simply doesn’t cut corners, it’s quite obvious that he’s obsessed with the quality word in general and his 925 integrated serves as a very solid proof. It matters not from what angle one looks at it.

Trilogy 925’s build quality is exceptionally high both inside and out. This amplifier is made to last. Not only it looks very serious, but also feels like it. Every piece of this English integrated is perfectly cut, assembled and well-thought. This scribe wasn’t able to single-out even one design flaw after nearly a year of rather extensive usage. At times, it was and still is turned on and off many times during a day as a part of my journalistic routine. And the same story goes with tinkering with its settings, connecting various loads, switching sources and so on and so forth. In short, the English machine is always stable as a rock, no matter how hard it’s pushed. At some point it became obvious that it was designed to withstand literally everything. Well, Nic Poulson is crazy about R&D and QC, he never rushes with new products. He takes his time, like if a great pleasure in torturing them before the release was a major upshot for him. I wouldn’t be that surprised if, somewhere during development phase, 925 was dropped from a considerable height, just in order for Mr Trilogy to see whether it’ll survive the fall and leave a small crater beneath or not. Perfectly aware of said gent’s approach and measures, I honestly wouldn’t be shocked at all.

Of course one might not fancy 925’s looks, that’s a purely subjective matter. For this scribe it is simply stunning. Yet this aspect aside, to have many additional features embedded in it is a big plus. Not only these show Nic’s dedication and effort, but vast majority is useful indeed. To see a bar graph instead of vol. mode or time and date is a nice variation and the same story is with lights on/off, separate gain for each channel, warm-up schedule and many other tweaks 925 sports. Even if one won’t use these options, to have them available is something to behold.

And lastly, the sound. 925 is fabulous in this regard. It’s a Trilogy classic, therefore generous density, great load control, impressive imaging and top notch texturing all are on the table. One can’t go wrong with this package. It’s also heard that said deck is a mature performer and showiness isn’t a part of its DNA. Usually products of 925 sort tend to grow on a listener slowly, but this review’s hero goes far beyond that. It’s calm yet bold attitude is plainly addictive from the get-go and once vivid, lifelike experience in general is added to the mix, the outcome is simply spectacular. Hence instantaneous involvement at user’s end happens in the process. One can’t run from it, which is always good. Let’s stop here, this reviewer could go on and on about many Trilogy 925 virtues. To conclude let me just say that if one can afford this machine, to grow old with it is a very likely scenario. Congratulations Nic, you’ve done it again. ‘Till next time.

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